5 Ideas for Family Summer Fun

Thursday Jul 01st, 2021


1. Go on a local photo safari. We take our surroundings for granted, which means we miss a lot of the interest in our own backyards, so to speak. Give the kids disposable cameras if they don’t have a cell phone
and challenge them to come up with the best photo. Offer prizes for everyone.

2. See a dramatic performance together. It doesn't matter if it's a puppet show in the park or a touring Broadway show, enjoy seeing it as a family.

3. Do a book reading challenge, where kids earn points for every book read. The points can be redeemed for whatever they like most...money, video games, special treats, etc. Plan to discuss the books with the kids, too.

4. Take a weight loss or other health challenge together as a family. Give it a catchy name, like "Three inches in three months," or "Kill the Kilos."

5. Take short road trips to places you have not been in your area. Make it an event, not a destination.


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