9 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Fall-Proof

Friday Sep 10th, 2021



Slips and falls are quite common in the bathroom. According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall. Here are some ways to increase stability, balance, and independence in the bathroom.

1. Grab Bars

Grab bars can be used in the bathtub or by the toilet seat as they help with stability and balance.

You can use your upper body strength to help yourself up from the toilet seat and prevent falls in the bathtub by having something to grab on to.

Grab bars can also be installed outside the bathroom to provide stability.

2. Bath Chair/ Transfer Bench

Bath chairs and transfer benches provide added stability for those who are unable to stand in the shower or get tired at a faster rate. Transfer benches allow individuals who are unable to step over the bathtub to slide themselves in. One side of the transfer bench is inside the tub while the other is outside allowing for an easy transfer into the tub. Bath chairs allow for fewer chances of falls and slips.

3. Bath Steps

Stepping stools allow individuals to easily walk into and out of the tub without losing balance.

The medical-grade material makes these steps durable and long-lasting making them an easy add-on to your bathroom.

4. Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet safety frames are available to help in getting up from the toilet seat.

There are some frames that stand on the ground and some that are attached to the toilet frame itself.

5. Bath Mats

Using bath mats or non-slip strips in the tub or shower is essential in preventing slips and falls.

The non-slip bath mats provide extra grip in the wet and slippery environment.

6. Handheld Showerhead

Handheld showerheads are very helpful if you need to sit in the shower on a bathroom chair or even if you prefer to stand while taking a shower.

The handheld showerheads make it possible to rinse and wash without having to turn and maneuver, which can be a catalyst for falls in the bathroom.

7. Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats decrease the distance between stand to sit and sit to stand.

These are great for limited mobility whether from age, injury, surgery, or other reasons.

They come in a variety ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches and are easy to install.

8. Commode

Commodes are portable toilet chairs that don’t use running water and allow the user to move to and from it with ease. Types of commodes range in style, including those with wheels for easy transport, and those that can be used in the shower. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, in a wheelchair, or are just too weak to get out of bed, a commode can be extremely convenient and safe. A long trip to the bathroom can be taxing and risky when you have mobility challenges.

9. Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are power-operated machines that help you transport into and out of the bathtub. They can make it easy for caregivers and the patients themselves with the click of a button. The controller access allows the user to adjust the lift and the flaps come on each side to allow easy transfer into and out of the bath.




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