Pre-Retirees Aren’t Getting Healthier By Katrina Caruso

Friday Dec 22nd, 2017


We may be living longer than previous generations, but our health isn’t any better, and with more Canadians retiring later in life, these health issues are getting worse. Though they have fewer disabilities than earlier generations, the majority of Canadians have at least one chronic disease or health condition, according to “Healthy Aging in Canada,” a briefing paper the Public Health Agency of Canada prepared for an intergovernmental committee. Part of the problem, the... [read more]

Avoid Mistakes With Retirement Savings

Friday Jun 2nd, 2017


Make one or two mistakes in handling your retirement money, and you could be paying a stiff penalty later in your life. The stock market goes up and down, but you’ll survive if you stay clear of these common mistakes: Obsessing about market losses. Focus instead on long-term needs. Catastrophic events and long-term health care needs cause as much damage when you’re caught unaware as does a shaky stock market. Will your nest egg be able to handle long-term care? Forgetting... [read more]