Alzheimer's: Another Reason to Lose Weight and Exercise

Monday Jun 26th, 2017


According to a new study, healthy aging of the brain relies a great deal on the health of your heart and blood vessels during middle age. Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol all contribute to the health of a person’s blood vessels and vascular system, leading to hardening of the arteries and other disorders. These same factors are present in the elderly with high levels of a protein called amyloid, which is known to clump together in the brains of... [read more]

Making the most out of your retirement - Travelling abroad when you're over 50

Monday Aug 27th, 2018


Move over Saga - 50 is the new 30! Getting older or retiring from full-time employment doesn’t mean that you have to lurk around the house watching day time TV all day.  There are plenty of opportunities and adventures available to over 50s, both in the UK and abroad.  Although most of us dread Monday mornings, and you may have been looking forward to retiring for many years, often the reality of a lack of structure in your days and less social interaction can be depressing... [read more]

Guide to Seniors Housing in Canada

Monday Jul 30th, 2018


As of 2013, Canada has one of the highest average life expectancies for men and women in the world. With more Canadians living past 80, and an aging population that’s expected to quadruple by 2051, the number of senior housing options has grown dramatically. For many families new to the world of senior living, navigating the vast array of senior care types can be an increasingly complex endeavor. With so many options available, it’s easy for families to feel overwhelmed during... [read more]

How Much Should Seniors Exercise To Improve Brain Function?

Thursday Jun 28th, 2018


To boost their reasoning skills and the brain's processing speed, seniors may need to exercise for 52 hours over a period of 6 months, concludes a new study. The good news is that low-intensity exercise such as walking has the same benefits — if it's carried out for this length of time. As more and more research keeps pointing out, exercise does wonders for our brain. For instance, a recent study that Medical News Today reported on shows that running protects... [read more]

10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada By Daniel Reid

Wednesday Jun 13th, 2018


Thought you knew all there was to know about the true north strong and free? These surprising facts about Canada will have you seeing our beautiful country in a whole new way. Canada’s lowest recorded temperature is as cold as Mars One of the most common facts about Canada is that it can get pretty cold in the winter (anyone who’s ever had to chisel their car out of a block of ice in the morning knows this to be true). The average low for the month of January in Ottawa is... [read more]