Solo Senior Travel: 3 Ways to Vacation for Independent Adventurers

Friday Feb 22nd, 2019


The idea of travelling alone can be intimidating for many people. When considering things like eating meals, staying in hotels, and going on tours, some may feel insecure about partaking in these activities independently.

But seniors are the perfect demographic to capitalize on independent travel – with retirement and the ability to travel during off-season, baby boomers are ideal candidates for solo adventures. Whether you’re hoping to tackle some bucket-list travel, or just looking for activities to keep you busy post-retirement, we’ve come up with three great options to make single senior travel both easy and comfortable.

Take a Cruise

For many, taking a cruise alone may seem unusual; it’s a type of vacation most popular among families and retired couples. But with endless activities offered in a relatively confined environment, cruises are a great way to meet new people, relax, and travel – all at the same time. Holland America tends to cater more towards seniors, while still offering a great variety of trips, including destinations throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Not only are there great entertainment options, but many cruises offer classes like bridge and dancing, giving you even more opportunities to meet people with similar interests. If you do decide to set sail, make sure to read up on travel insurance for cruise holidays before you go!

Senior Tour Groups For Singles Over 60

If you’re prone to seasickness, or maybe a cruise just isn’t for you, then consider travelling with a tour group. Not only will it offer you the opportunity to meet new people, but you’ll find there are endless opportunities for new experiences that travelling independently may not provide.

G Adventures offers trips based on your travel style, and has even partnered with National Geographic to create unique tours that offer deeper cultural immersion and more hands-on exploration in a small group setting. Their other offerings include rail trips and active tours, so you can always find a trip that fits your needs.

If you prefer, sites like Road Scholar offer trips aimed specifically at the 60+ crowd, with hundreds of options to choose from based on your interests and ideal destinations. Whether you want to explore Italy by Riverboat, or experience the wild life of South Africa by Safari, Road Scholar is bound to have a trip to pique your interest.

Find a Travel Buddy

Maybe you have a dream trip already in mind, or maybe you don’t love the idea of travelling in a big group. Whatever your reason, consider a site that specializes in connecting people with similar interests for the sake of travel. A good site to check out is Travel Buddies, which allows you to create a profile and find an adventure partner by searching criteria like age, gender, destination, and travel dates.

Finding someone to travel with doesn’t always have to be so formal, either. By asking friends or family, you might find someone who is interested in your trip plans, or can introduce you to someone who wants to join your adventure. You may also find a travel companion while reading travel blogs for seniors, like My Itchy Travel Feet, so don’t be afraid to get involved in the forums or comment sections!

No matter your travel style as a single senior, you’ll always want to be prepared. Make sure you know how to travel with your prescriptions, how to purchase the right travel insurance and how pre-existing and stability impact your coverage. Regardless of your age or stage, you’re sure to find a great opportunity to travel!

Enjoy your solo adventure!

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