Friday Jan 05th, 2018


Hi Bev,

The time that we shared with you during the selling of our home in Rosedale Village will always be viewed by my wife Trish & I as a most memorable and positive experience.

While the decision to sell our home was initially met with uncertainty and varying degrees of worry and trepidation, we can now honestly say that our experience was positive in every way thanks mainly to the professional guidance and recommendations   offered by you and your organization.

Many organizations try to mimic the good name and track record of others but when the time comes to validate their true worth very few are able to do so.

We were very impressed with the manner in which you helped us identify the special features of our home and decide both how we wished our home to be marketed and the value we thought our home would provide in the current market place.

It was also quickly realized that your organization had the administrative structure, market place knowledge and experienced staff on hand to both provide recommendations as to how our home should be offered and what actions on our part might be needed to maximize our success. All of which was provided in a very positive and personal manner.

I also wish to emphasize that in every instance where there was communication with your organization those involved were very much aware and sensitive to the need for clear and decisive communication so to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. Selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster and your staff are to be highly commended for the professional manner in which such communications were handled.

Our success with your organization can be shown by the time span in which our home was sold, the presentation of multiple offers and the real success realized in receiving 100% of our asking price.

We are very proud and pleased that we chose Bev MacLean to help and guide us in the selling of our home. We would encourage others to do likewise if real success is to be enjoyed.

Warm Regards,
Trish & Michael McRae
10 Wellford Gate






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