What Seniors Should Look For in a Real Estate Agent

Monday Apr 20th, 2020


So, you’re a senior…and you’ve decided to sell the family home.

Whether due to necessity (financially or health-related) or simply because you want a smaller or more social place to live in, this can be an exciting time of transition.

But it can also be incredibly emotional, stressful…and even complicated.

Seniors’ real estate needs are different

As a senior, you may:

Be in great health and decide to buy a new (likely smaller) home; or

Be continually active and choose to move into an independent living retirement community; or

Decide to move in with your adult kids; or

Be experiencing health issues associated with aging and need to move to a long-term care facility. 

Regardless of your “why,” one thing is for certain: as a senior, this stage of your life is very different from a young couple’s, or a single mother’s, or parents just at the beginning of experiencing an “empty nest.”

Which means your needs are different than basically everyone else’s needs?

And that is why you need a real estate agent that will understand the difference, take time to understand your unique needs and concerns, and treat you with the utmost of respect.

Agents who specialize in helping seniors in Ontario and across Canada

Did you know that in Canada, there is a reputable designation for real estate agents who specialize in working with seniors?

If you are looking for someone to help you sell and/or buy a home, consider hiring a senior's broker with the designation of Accredited Senior Agent (ASA),  or Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).  These specialists understand real estate issues related to the senior population. 


What else should you know?

If you make it known you’re selling your home, you will probably get real estate recommendations from friends and family! (And some of those people may not be designated in real estate for seniors.)

Regardless, here are a few things to ask as you do your research for the right senior's agent/broker, and make sure to interview them.

Do you have a real estate designation for working with seniors?

Do you have experience helping older adults/seniors sell their homes? How much? Can you give me some examples?

How familiar are you with the varying needs of seniors (e.g., active seniors versus seniors who face physical or mental health challenges)?

Do you do anything differently when selling a senior’s home (compared to selling a home belonging to someone younger)? 

Do you ever deal with seniors’ family members who wish to be part of the selling process? How do you work with them?

Do you have local contacts who specialize in senior services like moving and downsizing, finding an appropriate retirement home, etc.?

Team Bev MacLean have both the SRES® and ASA® Seniors designations and have been serving the seniors community for over 15 years providing a full range of seniors downsizing, moving, staging and relocating services, and can be reached at 416-270-3679.


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