10 Things I Love About Being a Grandma by Barbara Graham

Thursday Aug 24th, 2017


    Before I get to the love part, I must confess that I never expected to be a grandma — not because my son, who is married and will soon turn 40, wasn't old enough to be a father, but because I never dreamed that I'd be old enough to be a grandmother. Moi, a former 60's wild child, somebody's nana? How could this be? Even after I got the news that my daughter-in-law was pregnant and I was moving up a notch in the life cycle, I was as nervous... [read more]


Friday Jan 5th, 2018


Hi Bev, The time that we shared with you during the selling of our home in Rosedale Village will always be viewed by my wife Trish & I as a most memorable and positive experience. While the decision to sell our home was initially met with uncertainty and varying degrees of worry and trepidation, we can now honestly say that our experience was positive in every way thanks mainly to the professional guidance and recommendations   offered by you and your organization. Many... [read more]



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